Hoes get broken hearts too

crying inside

Beside being sexual beings, hoes are often stereotyped as heartless bitches, that can never get their hearts broken, but how did this stereotype come about in the first place? People always forget hoes are simply human. I can’t stress this enough! We feel like everyone else and experience love, pain and heartbreak too. Falling in love isn’t only exclusive to “good girls”… Hoes and “good girls” are one in the same though, the only difference is lifestyle choices. Hoes usually start out as being the “good girl” until her heart gets broken, and broken hearts can definitely change a person. Not to say this is the case for every single “good girl” or every hoe, but it’ definitely true for most women. This is just the reality we live in.

focus on you bitch

Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither does heartbreak. Pain hurts everyone the same, so it’s extremely insensitive to thinks hoes don’t get their hearts broken, because of how we may come off. The reason why hoes have an outer shield is because after being hurt, we’re tired of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to get hurt so we are closed off as a means to protect our hearts. Having a broken heart can interrupt a lot of things for hoes, such as her image/ the way she carries her self, her work/ career life, and her mind. Everybody knows what pain feels like and everyone copes with it differently. Most hoes still have to work with a heavy heart, and act like nothing happened, because they have bills to be paid, and children that need to be fed.

know your worth

If a Man doesn’t know your worth, then he just isn’t the one for you. Of course you can be in love and still be a hoe – Men do this all the time. Always be true to you and never settle because you feel you have to. There will be somebody who accepts ALL of you without question. Never stress one Man, because as a hoe there’s so many. Live your life beautiful, and let that broken heart teach you a lesson instead of keep you stuck. Fall in love with yourself first, before anyone else, and continue to always love all of yourself all of the time.

self love


Being single is a very refreshing feeling. Single doesn’t mean you’re immediately open to new people. Men often times think single bitches are single, and waiting to entertain their broke ass. When in reality, you don’t have to lie to these males and tell them the classic “I have a boyfriend, sorry…”  line, knowing damn well you ain’t with nobody. Let these males know you’re single, but unavailable. If they ask when will you be free. Let them know “I’m not free, I’m expensive”. Let these niggas know these hoes did not come to play with them! If they want your time they have to pay for it. Plain and simple. Whether it’s taking you out, buying you gifts, or simply paying you with money. You’re always worth it, and you don’t have time for broken hearts, there is money to be made hoe!

heart loses

I know it hurts. Trust me, I know it does. Heartbreak is no joke. Pain in general is no joke. But nothing lasts forever, not even the bad. It’s okay to apologize and forgive your own self, it’s called healing. Never beat yourself up, just be aware, pay attention, and stay focused. As a hoe, you’re naturally a go-getter, and even though everything hurts, know it’s going to be okay. This too shall pass, bitch! Give yourself time, cry it out, write it out, twerk it out, and fuck it out. Do what you got to do to help you heal and feel better. It is all good.

it is what it is


With Love,





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