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WTF is a “Confident Hoe”? Why is it important?


Lately people have been asking, “What the fuck is a Confident Hoe?”, and to put it simply, a CONFIDENT HOE is a woman who knows and accepts she’s a hoe/ slut/ thot/ bitch (etc), and owns it with no shame! A confident hoe is unapologetic, careless (in a wonderful way of course), and fearless. There’s a very slight difference between “hoes” and “confident hoes”. Hoes know they are hoes deep down inside, but afraid to accept this reality, because of fear and judgment. Many hoes slut shame and can’t even fathom themselves truly and wholeheartedly accepting the hoe life. The concept of being a confident hoe, was birthed because too many hoes care too much about the opinions of others, when they shouldn’t. Confidence is a powerful characteristic to have, especially for women a.k.a hoes. Without confidence, you’re simply insecure which in turn can be very damaging. Imagine how healing gaining confidence with a touch of no shame can be. Being confident all of the time may seem like a challenge, but it isn’t when you are true to yourself.

no shame

Having confidence may not be easy, but it’s important, especially for hoes. Society, the media, and even family constantly police everything about women. From the way we wear our hair, to the clothes we wear (or lack there of), how much skin we show, the kind of career we have, to the way we parent/ raise our children. Women can never get a break in this society. Women are forced to seem perfect in a world that makes it so easy for them to fall trap to insecurities daily. Constantly being looked at as a sex object isn’t only extremely objectifying, but it’s tiring too. Especially if you’re the kind of hoe that is afraid to speak up for herself, to be constantly (sexually) harassed can be frustrating and scary at the same time. This is why learning the art of no shame, fearlessness, and confidence is so important, because you’re doing yourself a big favor. Being brave enough to become a confident hoe may seem like a crazy thing to do, but yourself would definitely thank you later. There is no rush though, to accept all of you (including so called flaws), but when you do, understand your new confidence will definitely change your life!


Being a confident hoe does NOT make you “better than” hoes who may not be as confident, or extremely insecure. Confident hoes had to have known what insecurity felt like in order to become confident. Confident Hoes know that insecure (or even “pick-me”)  women aren’t the “enemy”. True confidence teaches you that “enemies” only exist within you, and nobody outside of you can harm you unless you allow it. Confident hoes compete with no one but self, they always set examples, and never “bash” their insecure sisters. It’s not necessarily a “bad” or “good” thing to be insecure, it’s simply a phase. Once you understand insecure women are fighting a battle within themselves, the only thing you can do is simply love them from a distance. Being a confident hoe can be easy or difficult, but it all depends on you, and what you tell yourself. Ridding yourself from fear and judgment of your own self, are the very first steps to learning how to be a confident hoe.

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Again, on this journey toward becoming a confident hoe, never mind the naysayers. Always stay true to you, and always believe in yourself. People will talk about you regardless if you’re doing “bad” or “good”. Don’t allow the opinions of others to get to you, because at the end of the day, you’re only living for yourself! Be true to you, love all of yourself, and be a confident hoe… BIIITTCCHHH!! 


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