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WTF is a “Confident Hoe”? Why is it important?


Lately people have been asking, “What the fuck is a Confident Hoe?”, and to put it simply, a CONFIDENT HOE is a woman who knows and accepts she’s a hoe/ slut/ thot/ bitch (etc), and owns it with no shame! A confident hoe is unapologetic, careless (in a wonderful way of course), and fearless. There’s a very slight difference between “hoes” and “confident hoes”. Hoes know they are hoes deep down inside, but afraid to accept this reality, because of fear and judgment. Many hoes slut shame and can’t even fathom themselves truly and wholeheartedly accepting the hoe life. The concept of being a confident hoe, was birthed because too many hoes care too much about the opinions of others, when they shouldn’t. Confidence is a powerful characteristic to have, especially for women a.k.a hoes. Without confidence, you’re simply insecure which in turn can be very damaging. Imagine how healing gaining confidence with a touch of no shame can be. Being confident all of the time may seem like a challenge, but it isn’t when you are true to yourself.

no shame

Having confidence may not be easy, but it’s important, especially for hoes. Society, the media, and even family constantly police everything about women. From the way we wear our hair, to the clothes we wear (or lack there of), how much skin we show, the kind of career we have, to the way we parent/ raise our children. Women can never get a break in this society. Women are forced to seem perfect in a world that makes it so easy for them to fall trap to insecurities daily. Constantly being looked at as a sex object isn’t only extremely objectifying, but it’s tiring too. Especially if you’re the kind of hoe that is afraid to speak up for herself, to be constantly (sexually) harassed can be frustrating and scary at the same time. This is why learning the art of no shame, fearlessness, and confidence is so important, because you’re doing yourself a big favor. Being brave enough to become a confident hoe may seem like a crazy thing to do, but yourself would definitely thank you later. There is no rush though, to accept all of you (including so called flaws), but when you do, understand your new confidence will definitely change your life!


Being a confident hoe does NOT make you “better than” hoes who may not be as confident, or extremely insecure. Confident hoes had to have known what insecurity felt like in order to become confident. Confident Hoes know that insecure (or even “pick-me”)  women aren’t the “enemy”. True confidence teaches you that “enemies” only exist within you, and nobody outside of you can harm you unless you allow it. Confident hoes compete with no one but self, they always set examples, and never “bash” their insecure sisters. It’s not necessarily a “bad” or “good” thing to be insecure, it’s simply a phase. Once you understand insecure women are fighting a battle within themselves, the only thing you can do is simply love them from a distance. Being a confident hoe can be easy or difficult, but it all depends on you, and what you tell yourself. Ridding yourself from fear and judgment of your own self, are the very first steps to learning how to be a confident hoe.

give a bitch a hug

Again, on this journey toward becoming a confident hoe, never mind the naysayers. Always stay true to you, and always believe in yourself. People will talk about you regardless if you’re doing “bad” or “good”. Don’t allow the opinions of others to get to you, because at the end of the day, you’re only living for yourself! Be true to you, love all of yourself, and be a confident hoe… BIIITTCCHHH!! 


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Hoes get broken hearts too

crying inside

Beside being sexual beings, hoes are often stereotyped as heartless bitches, that can never get their hearts broken, but how did this stereotype come about in the first place? People always forget hoes are simply human. I can’t stress this enough! We feel like everyone else and experience love, pain and heartbreak too. Falling in love isn’t only exclusive to “good girls”… Hoes and “good girls” are one in the same though, the only difference is lifestyle choices. Hoes usually start out as being the “good girl” until her heart gets broken, and broken hearts can definitely change a person. Not to say this is the case for every single “good girl” or every hoe, but it’ definitely true for most women. This is just the reality we live in.

focus on you bitch

Love doesn’t discriminate, and neither does heartbreak. Pain hurts everyone the same, so it’s extremely insensitive to thinks hoes don’t get their hearts broken, because of how we may come off. The reason why hoes have an outer shield is because after being hurt, we’re tired of allowing ourselves to be vulnerable enough to get hurt so we are closed off as a means to protect our hearts. Having a broken heart can interrupt a lot of things for hoes, such as her image/ the way she carries her self, her work/ career life, and her mind. Everybody knows what pain feels like and everyone copes with it differently. Most hoes still have to work with a heavy heart, and act like nothing happened, because they have bills to be paid, and children that need to be fed.

know your worth

If a Man doesn’t know your worth, then he just isn’t the one for you. Of course you can be in love and still be a hoe – Men do this all the time. Always be true to you and never settle because you feel you have to. There will be somebody who accepts ALL of you without question. Never stress one Man, because as a hoe there’s so many. Live your life beautiful, and let that broken heart teach you a lesson instead of keep you stuck. Fall in love with yourself first, before anyone else, and continue to always love all of yourself all of the time.

self love


Being single is a very refreshing feeling. Single doesn’t mean you’re immediately open to new people. Men often times think single bitches are single, and waiting to entertain their broke ass. When in reality, you don’t have to lie to these males and tell them the classic “I have a boyfriend, sorry…”  line, knowing damn well you ain’t with nobody. Let these males know you’re single, but unavailable. If they ask when will you be free. Let them know “I’m not free, I’m expensive”. Let these niggas know these hoes did not come to play with them! If they want your time they have to pay for it. Plain and simple. Whether it’s taking you out, buying you gifts, or simply paying you with money. You’re always worth it, and you don’t have time for broken hearts, there is money to be made hoe!

heart loses

I know it hurts. Trust me, I know it does. Heartbreak is no joke. Pain in general is no joke. But nothing lasts forever, not even the bad. It’s okay to apologize and forgive your own self, it’s called healing. Never beat yourself up, just be aware, pay attention, and stay focused. As a hoe, you’re naturally a go-getter, and even though everything hurts, know it’s going to be okay. This too shall pass, bitch! Give yourself time, cry it out, write it out, twerk it out, and fuck it out. Do what you got to do to help you heal and feel better. It is all good.

it is what it is


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Confident Hoe

Pros and Cons of being a Confident Hoe


With the #ProHoe movement being on the rise, it’s important to know and understand some of the Pros and Cons of being a Confident Hoe, in this society. The reality is, sluts, whores, hoes, thots, etc are not only excluded out of society itself, but also the outcast of the feminist community as well. Respectability politics and morals play a huge role in the feminist community, and to die hard feminists, accepting hoes/ sluts who are genuinely unashamed and bold seems non existent. It’s great that more and more women are finally willing to become a free woman (confident hoe), but the taboo that is still deep seated behind the labels of hoes and sluts, can make it somewhat difficult for women to be consistent confident hoes. Below I’ll list the pros and cons of your new journey, as a free woman.

I’ll start with the cons:

fuck meat

  1. You’re just looked at as “fuck meat” :

This is so unfortunate, but true at the same time living life as a hoe. As soon as you start accepting the “slut life”, people immediately assume you’re ready to have sex at any given moment with any given person. Majority of people don’t realize or want to accept that hoes are humans, with personalities and feelings. But because your sexual openness is so fascinating to the masses, people only see you as a sex object only! They assume you want to fuck them because they all want to fuck you.

2. You will never be respected. Not even from other hoes:

Since you’re a self proclaimed hoe, people – especially Men, get excited and carried away. They demand attention from you, while being very disrespectful, because in their mind, it’s not morally correct to respect a hoe. It’s no surprise that free women who know what they want are referred to as hos, because technically a ho is just a gardening tool. People aren’t going to respect “things”, therefore, you are just a tool in the eyes of society. Once you understand this, it can help you to not care about people caring about your feelings. Keep in mind though, other hoes aren’t going to respect you even though they themselves are hoes too. This is because you accepted who you are, and they haven’t, so they are ashamed and afraid. Love those bitches from a distance.

slap a hoe

3. People feel it’s absolutely okay to punish, harm, hurt, and threaten hoes:

In this reality, it’s very important and morally correct to be a well behaved woman, so for the women who goes against the grain, and who does what she wants, it’s looked at as a threat or “wrong”. Beside hoes being constantly disrespected, they are usually met with danger and “punishment” as well. Hoes are very much a threat, and people are afraid of what they do not understand, so when people act on fear, they resort to eliminating whatever it is that they fear – in this case it would be hoes. Majority of people may not admit they fear hoes, they may say something along the lines of “We don’t love these hoes” or “I don’t save hoes”, or the classic “hoes have no respect for themselves, so why should I respect them?”, or as the infamous Madea would say “call 1-800-CHOKE-DAT-HOE”. It’s all fun and games until a hoe is actually dead, because the world feels like she deserves death, simply for NOT being a “good girl”.

side chick

4. Hoes are a threat to relationships the most:

People already have a love/hate feeling about hoes/ sluts as is, but when someone is in a relationship, you – as a hoe, are in everyone’s relationship and don’t even know it. You could be minding your business, and other women may feel you want their man, when in reality their man wants you. You will be met with the vulnerability and emotions of others at any given moment, simply for you doing you. Men lie to hoes all the time about being in a relationship or marriage, because they want to be entertained by hoes. These kind of Men, along with their girlfriend (or wife) feel as though the hoe should be responsible for their relationship, when the hoe has nothing to do with the man being loyal to his woman. Women will expect you to be accountable for their man’s actions all the time. Choose not to ever address and/or entertain insecure women, unless she’s paying you for information about her “man”.

pussy loose

5. Evidently your pussy is “loose” and has been fucked from everyone around the world:

Majority of people have no knowledge of the vagina, and they don’t know that the vagina is a very powerful muscle in which can’t be stretched out by a dick. People have this weird idea that if a woman fucks more than one penis, this can stretch or loosen the vagina, when in reality this is impossible. The vagina is a muscle that’s meant to stretch very wide – specifically as wide as a newborn baby’s head. With knowing this, never entertain those who they think they have knowledge of a vagina, when they really don’t. Also speaking on the “amount” of sexual partners you have, it really doesn’t matter, even though people will try to shame you because of this. Ignoring and not caring is key.

Now that we’re aware of the few cons of being a Confident Hoe, here are some of the Pros:


  1. As a hoe, you’re obligated to nobody but yourself:

This is the first Pro to being a Hoe, especially a CONFIDENT HOE, YOU come first. This means your feelings, your mental health – you always put you before anybody else. Especially the Men that could care less about you and your well being anyway. Self care is very important as a hoe, because bitch you MUST always feel your best in order to look your best!

hoes are important


There’s nothing more freeing than being a misbehaved woman a.k.a a hoe/slut. Simply doing what’s taboo to society can be extremely empowering and fun too! You’re an adult! Do what you want, answer to no one, and never feel ashamed or bad about it. Wear what you want, say what you feel, and never feel like you should be obligated to just one Man (or person), because you’re not property. Understand that no one can own you, even if you have a “boyfriend”.

3. It’s priceless to be unashamed and careless:

People are often living in a prison called judgment, but once you’re a confident hoe, you escape this prison for good. To be Confident means to accept all that you are, “flaws” and all and owning it, without the care or opinions of others. Most people have a hard time doing this, but if you can honestly live your life loving you all of the time, everything that you want will come to you with ease. This is such an advantage in life, to be unashamed, fearless, and careless, because instead of putting all of your focus into being judged, you can now focus on other things – such as your goals and your future.

get money hoe

4. Money is the focus, don’t lose your focus!

If you’re a hoe that’s also a sex worker, believe it or not, your job is most women’s fantasy job. Of course being a sex worker (exotic dancer, cam girl, etc) isn’t always easy, in fact it’s very hard work, and takes dedication and consistency like every other job. But, as a sex worker your job is most flexible, and pays much more than your average 9-5. Although many women would love to be a sex worker, their shame and fear won’t allow them to. Being a sex worker, or even just a hoe who doesn’t do sex work, can heighten your endurance as a woman.

hoes rule shit

5. Once you accept that you’re a hoe, and become a confident hoe, people can’t help but to love you.

Even though being a hoe/ slut isn’t easy, it does get easier day by day. Once you change your thoughts, especially about your own self, and start to love all of you, those around you would simply accept you for who you are or won’t fuck with you. As a confident hoe, you’ll have 0 tolerance for bullshit, and you won’t care if people don’t like you. You will then begin to attract people ( men and women alike) who are actually admired, and inspired by you. Your fearlessness is what makes people love you, and they can’t help but to admit how much your courage helped to impact their lives.

Be smart. Be a hoe


In conclusion, these are only some of the MANY pros and cons of being a CONFIDENT HOE in this society. If you’re NOT comfortable calling yourself a hoe, that’s fine, but this blog is for the bitches that know they are hoes, thots, sluts, and whores. As a hoe always remember to love yourself, stay focused, and never mind the naysayers, people will talk whether you’re doing “good” or “bad”. The key is to simply do you, and give no fucks while doing it – unless it’s consensual fucks with your vagina. 😉


With Love,





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Feminism? What’s that?

What is the REAL meaning of feminism, and why do many (black) women shy away from it…

Do sluts like us, belong to the feminist community anyway? Why are we out casted where we belong most? Why are we shunned when these women, (whom may not be sex workers or even openly express their sexual self), still get slut shamed for simply being a woman?

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